‘InBetween’ Rotterdam en Den Haag ligt Delft, de plaats waar recent afgestudeerde kunstenaars uit beide steden samenkomen om hun korte films te laten zien. Waaronder de winnaar van de Tuschinski Award 2017 op het Nederlands Film Festival. Regisseurs aanwezig. Host van de avond: kunstenaar en docent Hester Scheurwater.

Koop nu een kaartje

A selection of graduates from the Royal Academy of Art (The Hague) and  Willem de Kooning Academy (Rotterdam) and their venture into film, animation and documentary.

Engels en Nederlands gesproken – Engels ondertiteld

De avond wordt gepresenteerd in het Engels.

Ticket – normaal: 9 euro  – student: 5 euro

De makers zijn aanwezig voor toelichtingen en vragen.

Hosted by: Hester Scheurwater

In de foyer is een mini exhibition met werk van Joseph Huot

“I want to bring a little of beauty into the world, I am seeking for truth and happiness.”


De films:

* David Gieling: Dear Dad, (trailer)

An animated short film produced by David Gieling. His main message: Call you dad!

* Luc Petterson: Tik Tok (trailer)

Tik Tok is an animated short film produced by Luc Petterson. It’s about two tiny robots called Tik and Tok. They’re both alive at the mercy of the wind-up mechanism on their back. Tik Tok asks you what it is like to be dependent on someone else, and to what extent you have the duty to take care for each other.

* Lynette Darleen: NEURON

“NEURON is a visual translation of the brain. It paints a picture in which the growth and functionality of neurons are the main focus and it simultaneously becomes an ode to this miraculous process.”

* Geertje Kil: Nooit Niks

‘Nooit Niks’ (Never Nothing) is a short fictional film about the way someone with Alzheimer’s disease experiences the world. The film tells the story of the life of Hannie, that becomes more and more abstract when the disease gets worse. Geertje Kil based the film on the life of her grandmother. She uses film techniques based on Dadaism and Surrealism to visualize confusion.

* Katarína Gališinová: We Are Here FC

We Are Here Football Club – playing to be recognized. Receiving a residence permit as a refugee in Europe has never been more challenging. Refugees whose asylum requests are rejected live without the right to work and have no access to social housing or social security. The ‘We Are Here Football Club’ is an initiative by and for people who are experiencing this in The Netherlands. Through the game of football, they have established a supportive community.

* Bram van Dijk: Gallivant

Nominated for TENT Academy Awards 2017

“We never really know when love starts, but we know exactly when it ends.”


* Noah Suhartono: How to uninstall life

Winner Tuschinski Award 2017 at Nederlands Film Festival

Documentary about a boy who has become blind after an accident with fireworks. We see his struggle to keep balanced in our contemporary society. There seems to be something odd: does he have someting to hide?


* Mireille Bakx: When I thought I knew it all

We end the evening with a relativating short film about having an opinion.

Looking forward to seeing you!